Bridgman Eyecare News Feed Bridgman Eyecare MiYoSmart lenses by Hoya now available from Bridgman Eyecare Bridgman isnow an acredited MiYoSmart provider1&nbsp; these lenses are revolutionary in that they slow the rate at which children become more myopic (shortsighted) by about half.<br /> <br /> For more information, and to determine suitability for your child, please make an appointmetn with David.1615201200 lenses by Hoya now available from Bridgman Eyecare Level 1 and WE ARE OPEN!;re OPEN!&nbsp; Under Level 1 we are open for business, with a few small changes from pre-COVID days.<br /> Please use the hand sanitiser at the counter on entry.&nbsp;&nbsp;If you are at increased risk of COVID19 then we will use a surgical mask and ask you also to wear one for your examination.<br /> If you are sick then stay home as we will not be examining you and do not want you around other people in the practice.1590321600 1 and WE ARE OPEN! WE HAVE MOVED PREMISES! are now at 218 George Street Dunedin.&nbsp; Our new premises include a third consultation room and a second electronics diagnostic room for even better service and even more high tech!&nbsp; &nbsp;Look out for our turquoise colours, bold new signage, and &quot;wall art&quot; style murals in the Harvest Court mall (Mall 218), they make a real impact!&nbsp; &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;1573383600 HAVE MOVED PREMISES! David Bridgman attains Registered Glaucoma Prescriber status Optometrists in NZ are now able to apply to prescribe medications for the treatment of glaucoma, which is a potentially blinding eye disease.&nbsp; For many years we have been diagnosing this condition.&nbsp; NZ Optometry has a long history of safely and effectively treating eye disease with both eyedrops and sytemic medications, so it is only logical that we now can offer longer term treatments including for glaucoma.<br /> David Bridgman has now completed his hours in Dunedin and Invercargill Hospitals and attained&nbsp;Registered Glaucoma Prescriber status.<br /> For more information on Glaucoma, see <a href=""></a><br /> All of our optometrists are members of Glaucoma NZ (GNZ) and take an active pert in its educational activites.1532260800 Bridgman attains Registered Glaucoma Prescriber status MySight Myopia Control Lenses with ActivControl have arrived new lenses are clinically proven to reduce the rate of myopic progression by around 60% in children, reducing the risk of eye disease long term for those who use them. &nbsp;For full information click here:<br /> <a href=""></a>1505044800 Myopia Control Lenses with ActivControl have arrived Myopia Control with an Eyedrop now available in Dunedin and Balclutha;s here - 0.01% Atropine drops, as shown to work in the ATOM study! &nbsp; These are practically free of side effects as they are only 1/100th of the standard dose of this drug for other uses, and yet they have enough action on the eye to reduce the rate at which shortsightedness (myopia) worsens by about 60%. &nbsp;They act on Muscarinic receptors in the eye to slow or halt excess growth in length of the eye. &nbsp;This reduces the final amount of myopia suffered by a treated child when they reach adulthood, and naturally stop growing, to less than it would otherwise be. &nbsp; Therefore we can reduce both the need for glasses and also the risk of blindness from eye disease.<br /> For more information, please make an appointment with any of our optometrists, who can arrange a prescription for you.<br /> Link to the ATOM study:&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank"></a>1497182400 Control with an Eyedrop now available in Dunedin and Balclutha Eye Care Packages- NEW All inclusive pricing<h3><strong>Bridgman Eyecare are excited to announce our new pricing structure for glasses - our <em>Eyecare Packages.</em></strong></h3> These include a complete package of a standard eye exam and single focus glasses from our wide range of hard coated stock lenses. &nbsp;<br /> Nothing could be easier - you won;t need to ask how much more it is for an eye test or lenses on top of the frame prices, because they autmatically include what might cost you extra elsewhere.1488279600 Care Packages- NEW All inclusive pricing New Name - Bridgman Eyecare!<h2>Bridgman &amp; Dean Optometrists becomes Bridgman Eyecare from 1 January 2017!</h2> Our new name reflects what we do - look after eyes. &nbsp;We&#39;ve been doing it for 110 years now, since our beginnigs in 1907. So the new tagline is &quot;Trusted Since 1907&quot;. &nbsp;We think that says it all.<br /> &nbsp; <h2>&nbsp;</h2>1483182000 Name - Bridgman Eyecare! Look South - exclusive range. new stock has arrived and is going really well. &nbsp;Unique styles selected by us and sold under our own brand, Look South. &nbsp;From only $129 complete.1445943600 South - exclusive range.