Eye Examinations, Glasses, Contact Lenses. OCT Scan. Quality, Value for Money

 Eye Examinations

Adults $70, Children and Students $58.  This is a 30-45 minute appointment giving your optometrist plenty of time to not only examine your eyes but discuss the findings and make recommendations based on your personal vision needs.  Digital Retinal Photography and Zeiss Visual Field Screening included.

Ocular Coherence Tomography with our high resolution Copernicus SOCT only $30

Our Copernicus SOCT is simply amaing! In a few seconds we can now produce a 3D image of the back of your eye, showing the different layers of the retina. This is expecially useful for detecting Glaucoma, Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Diabetic Retinopathy, and Preretinal membranes. It also allows us to check whether a mole underneath the retina is likely to be a melanoma, and to "see through" a cataract to make sure the retina is healthy.

The Copernicus has an additional anterior chamber lens which we use to check for Closed Angle Glaucoma, and measure corneal thickness and contact lens fitting parameters in Keratoconus.

We sincerely believe that this new technology has revolutionised the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease, especially in a primary care setting such as ours.  To this end, we have priced this new service as economically as possible.  Our fee of only $30 includes up to four types of scan of each eye:  Central retina, Optic nerve, Anterior chamber angle, Central corneal thickness.

For keratoconus, we can now use the OCT to measure the clearance of a contact lens at any point on the cornea and therefore fit newer type of lenses such as scleral contact lenses more accurately than ever before.

Glasses and Lenses

Oue packages includes Complete Glasses for adults (standard power range lenses) from only $129. 

Choose from our range of designer eyewear and prescription sunglasses, and you'll save 50% on a second pair for the same person.   (Terms and conditions apply).

For children, we offer a $119 package for complete glasses with standard power range extra thin and tough Polycarbonate lenses.  Better yet, if you order on the same day as your child's eye examination than the eye exam is FREE!



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