Testimonials From Our Clients

Heres some feedback from our clients

Farmer from North Otago

Thank you for the very prompt service - following my appointment on Thursday afternoon, my new glasses were in our P.O. box by lunchtime on Saturday. They make reading and using the computer much more comfortable, and I haven't lost them once yet.

Nadine from New Caledonia

Since our visit to you,
For me, Nadine, treatment cured me within 2 days, and everything is back to normal very quickly.

and Didier correction glasses are impeccable.
We renew our thanks to you.
Nadine and Didier (Name witheld for privacy reasons)

Neil Biggar

On 21 November, a couple of weeks ago, I was visiting Dunedin as part of a cruise from Australia on the P&O Pacific Jewel. The previous day my glasses suffered a minor mishap in that one of the arms just fell off. I took the glasses with me on the visit to Dunedin in the hope that I might be able to get them repaired. I was eventually directed to your George Street address. I was served by a gentleman with a Scots accent who was very helpful and had my glasses were temporarily repaired, on the spot, at no cost to me. The gentleman was probably John McIntee (from your 'about' page).

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for your help - and the glasses survived the rest of the cruise and are still holding together.

Best regards,

Neil Biggar

P.S. I also asked where I could get a Dunedin Cheese Roll. John's recommendation was good, and the rolls were worth the search.

Customer 110081 aged 82, has had one cataract removed.

Dear David,
Just want to tell you how excellent I am finding being able to see perfectly again!
Each of the three pairs of glasses works perfectly and I can see as well with the unoperated eye as with the other; something never achieved with the "Specsavers" product.
Thank you so much for your expertise.
Kind regards
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