Look South - exclusive range. - 28th Oct 2015

Our new stock has arrived and is going really well.  Unique styles selected by us and sold under our own brand, Look South.  From only $129 complete.

Laser Retinal Scanner (OCT) now at Bridgman Eyecare Dunedin - 1st Aug 2015

Our new Copernicus OCT. Our new Copernicus SOCT is simply amazing!  In a few seconds we can now produce a 3D image of the back of your eye, showing the different layers of the retina.  This is expecially useful for detecting Glaucoma, Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Diabetic Retinopathy, and Preretinal membranes.  It also allows us to check whether a mole underneath the retina is likely to be a melanoma, and to "see through" a cataract to make sure the retina is healthy.

The Copernicus has an additional anterior chamber lens which we use to check for Closed Angle Glaucoma, and measure corneal thickness and contact lens fitting parameters in Keratoconus.

Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) for short) uses two invisible infra-red laser beams to harmlessly scan the back or the front of the eye.  We really believe this revolutionises the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease in a primary health care setting such as ours, and we anticipate installing similar technology into our Queenstown office before too long.

Eye Deal Package Examination plus Complete Glasses only $169 - 2nd Mar 2015

See better and save with our new Eye Deal range:

Eye Exam and Glasses only
$169 Complete*.

Prices for frames at Bridgman & Dean have included lenses for many years, and now we’ve added an eye examination with a selected range of glasses!

Just look for the new “Eye Deal” stickers in-store or ask our friendly staff to show you the wide choice of styles and colours available. The price includes a thorough eye examination with no extra charge for digital retinal photography, electronic field testing, or any other extra tests our Optometrist carries out. The complete glasses include stock, single vision, hard coated lenses to a selected range of fashionable frames. Plus you’ll know your glasses are made locally in our Dunedin lens factory, where we offer same-day service* at no extra charge.

Price valid until 31 December 2014.

Latest retinal camera in Dunedin office - 1st Oct 2012

Canon CR-2 Plus Digital Retinal Camera Our new Canon CR-2 Plus Digital retinal camera is an 18 megapixel beauty!
Enabling high resolution images of both the anterior eye and retina, this adds greatly to our diagnostic ability.  Digital Retinal Photography combined with a steroscopic (3-D) microscope examination is fast becoming the standard of care for optometric eye examinations. This level of care is higher than that provided at many eye surgeons' offices.

We can even email the images to you while you are in the office.

All eye examinations in our Dunedin and Queenstown offices include FREE Digital Retinal Photography.  In Balclutha a charge of $4 extra may apply as dilating eyedrops are required.

Free Digital glaucoma screening with the Zeiss Matrix - 1st Jul 2010

Free Digital glaucoma screening with the Zeiss Matrix The arrival of our latest instrument, the Zeiss Matrix, means we can offer free electronic screening for visual field defects (blind spots) with routine eye examinations.    Testing is completely non-contact and takes only 35 seconds per eye.

Visual field defects can be caused by many different diseases including glaucoma, stroke, tumours, MS, and circulatory disease.   Book yourself in for regular two-yearly checkups and be assured of the continued health of your eyes.

See into the future with Bridgman & Dean.

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