Experts in fitting Keratoconus, Post-Corneal Graft, and Orthokeratology Rigid and Hybrid Contact Lenses


This is best fitted in a practice with a corneal topographer to measure the shape of the eye, and an OCT to measure not only corneal thickness but also where a lens touches the eye.  Bridgman Eyecare have both of these technmologies in our Dunedin office.

Recent advances in lens designs:


Synergeyes Ultrahealth Hybrid lenses:

These have a rigid centre for clear vision on distorted corneas, and a soft skirt of highly breathable silicone hydrogel materail.  They give the clarity of a rigid lens with the comfort of a soft lens.   We fit them using our new OCT to measure the gap underneath the lenses.  See for more information.

Hybrid Lenses:

We have a fitting set for Synergeyes Ultrahealth Hybrid rigid/sft lenses.  These have proven an excellent chopice for keratoconus, where the vision can often be returned to normal levels. 


Wouldn't it be great to be free of glasses and contact lenses throughout the day, without having to undergo surgery and in a totally reversible way?  With our new technology it's a simple and safe process which involves wearing a contact lens in one or both eyes overnight and removing them in the morning.  This corneal reshaping is monitored electronically with the latest Medmont Corneal Topographer in our Dunedin practice.

This treatment is called Orthokeratology (Ortho-K for short) and it will change the shape of the surface of your eye, in much the same way that laser surgery does but in a reversible, surgery free way.   It can completely treat most cases of myopia (short sightedness), hyperopia (long sightedness) and astigmatism while you sleep.  

Recent advances in contact lens design including computer controlled manufacture, topographical instruments to measure the shape of your eyes incredibly accurately, and ultra-breathable rigid lens materials, make it possible to correct around 90% of focussing errors. 

Correction of presbyopia (the need for reading glasses among middle aged or older people) is achieved by putting a multifocal correction into one or both eyes.  Although you will still need reading glasses for very fine print, this is usually effective for day-to-day tasks in most occupations without separate reading glasses.

Regaining clear vision is so easy you can do it with your eyes closed!

Myopia Control: Ortho-K will also reduce the progression of short sightedness, especially in children and teenagers, by around 50%. This is known as 'myopia control' and is the only means of controlling myopia that has been repeatedly supported by rigorous and respected scientific research including carefully designed studies comparing the increase in myopia between treated and untreated eyes.
See the following articles on the myopia control benefits of ortho-K for children:

The cornea, whilst being mouldable, reverts to its original shape if lens wear is stopped - hence this procedure is completely reversible and safe. Ortho-K is exceptional, specialised and is managed and fitted by eye care practitioners highly trained in this area.  At present David Bridgman is responsible for fitting these lenses.  So far the success rate has been excellent, with vision achieved often better than 20/20.

Video link to TVNZ article:


Initial consultation including:
-   Full eye examination with microscopic examination, retinal photography, corneal topography
-   Advice on the best option for you
-   Discussion of ortho-K and other options
Price:   $85.00.  This fee is not charged if you proceed to a fitting.

Fitting of Ortho-K lenses for 2 eyes including all the above plus:
-  Loan of initial and additional trial lenses
-  Followup checks including unlimited corneal topography and visits
-  Any visits within 3 months of the initial fitting
-  A pair of Ortho-K lenses with a 6 month warranty on changes of fitting and a 3 month warranty against damage.
The total price for the above package is a one-off fee of $1870 (Price current at 1 December 2021).

Ortho K Lenses if replacements needed:
Myopia (shortsightedness) and low degrees of astigmatism:  $311 to $538 each.
Hyperopia (longsightedness) and low degrees of astigmatism: $388 to $438 each.
Multifocal for presbyopia (reading/distance combined): $518 to $583 each.
Atigmatism with/without Multifocal: $539 to $634 each.

Limits on Ortho K lens range:
Maximum powers are -6.00 to +3.00.  We do not recommend "topping up" laser or orther corneal surgeries, as results are less predictable than with naturally shaped eyes.
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