Bridgman Eyecare: Trusted since 1907

The practice was established in 1907, when W Von Sturmer arrived from the Waikato. He spent the next two years as "The Travelling Optician" before renting premises at Number 2, The Octagon, Dunedin. The 1930's were a time of rapid growth in both the profession, which was officially renamed Optometry in 1934, and in Dunedin's population. The Bridgman connection was established in 1935 when Raymond Bridgman gained his qualification in Optometry, at that time a correspondence course involving clinical work in optometric practices.

Ray's examination books and records from that era show that even then he was using an ophthalmoscope to examine the interior of the eye. At that stage there was some resistance from the medical fraternity to allowing optometrists the responsibility of detecting eye disease.  When Ray was working at Curtis Eye Care inChristchurch (who still exist too!) he used the first slitlamp microscope owned by an optometrist in NZ.  This was not well received by eye surgeons at trhe time, as they thought only they had the expertise to use one.  Luckily the two professions now see eye to eye.
In fact, Optometry's scope of practice has significantly expanded in the last three years so that optometrists are now expected to be able to not only detect but diagnose and (where appropriate) treat eye diseases, much like physicians. We refer to eye surgeons (ophthalmologists) for second opinions, or for treatment which we are not able to provide ourselves such as cataract surgery or treatment of specific acute or long term diseases.

The practice remained at the same address for 70 years, before moving into 133 George Street in 1977 and then 278 George St (opposite the Meridian Centre) in 1999. We are now at 218 George St (just south of McDonald's) and have jopined the Eyepro group which enables us to provide both better pricing, and AA Smartfuel rewards.

2006 was the year that our practice first provided prescriptions for eye drops via the new "Scope of Practice" for Optometry - Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agents. This Scope has now expanded to include treatment of long term conditions including glaucoma.  Our practice really is the primary health care provider that you "Need to See".

We offer the latest designs in progressive lenses. We pay the utmost attention to quality with our manufacturing process, and our same day service is second to none.


John McIntee

BSc, MCOptom (UK)

John has about 30 years experience as an optometrist, and previously worked as an ophthalmic nurse in hospitals in the UK. His diagnositc skills and depth of experience in eye disease are threrefore second to none. He has been with Bridgman & Dean since 2003, and has particular interests in pathology and contact lenses.

He has been a co-owner of Bridgman Eyecare since 2007.

John works out of both Dunedin and Balclutha.

David Bridgman

David Bridgman BOptom, Certificate in Ocular Pharmacology (Therapeutics), Glaucoma Prescriber, Hon Teaching Fellow in Optometry and Visual Science, University of Auckland.

David is a Dunedinite, and a third generation optometrist. Having been dux of Otago Boys High School in 1985, he was top scoring entrant to the optometry course and won several scholarships and prizes at Auckland University, both from the University and our professional association.
He has been a co-owner at Bridgman Eyecare since 1990 and has specialist expertise in contact lenses, childrens' vision, myopia control, and Orthokeratology.

In 2018, after many years of safely and effectively prescribing therapeutic drugs for  the eye, optometry in NZ won the right to prescribe long term treatments for Glaucoma.  Having spent time in the glaucoma clinics at Dunedin and Invercargill Hospital,  David was one of the first Optometrists in Dunedin to be registered in the new scope of practice of Glaucoma Prescriber.

David also has an interest in the visual problems caused by traumatic brain injury (TBI) and sees several referrals from ACC per week.

As well as his therapeutics knowledge, David specialises in assessing children with reading problems. Often, he can assist with simple strategies such as eye exercises or spectacles. For visual stress (aka Meares-Irlen syndrome), he is able to prescribe and supply both coloured overlays and tinted spectacles.

Bridgman Eyecare's Optometrists have also been involved in the development of a new and innovative software-based system for diagnosis and management of visual stress causing both migraine and reading disabilities such as Irlen syndrome.

In his spare time David can be found in the fgreat outdoors, maybe e-biking to work or up a hill somewhere or with a fishing rod in hand.  

David works from Dunedin and Balclutha.

Nicola Bosma

BSc (Hons), BOptom (Hons)

Nicola is a 2001 graduate of Auckland University, having previously obtained her B.Sc. (Hons) in physics at Otago. She has worked for Bridgman Eyecare since graduation and has a particular interest in childrens' vision and ocular pathology.

Nicola has an excellent academic and clinical record, winning an award for the top graduate in optometry in her final year as well as numerous awards and prizes during her years of study. She is currently working three days a week in our Dunedin practice.  She keeps fit by walking to and from work most days.
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